Social responsibility

Lets improve our society!

CSR Activities

Preschool Institution Trešnjober is dedicated to sustainable development. Therefore, it creates and performs its primary and secondary activities in the spirit of good practice. By performing education tasks, we try to improve our society and community in which we live, work and develop. On that road, we perform activities within the corporate social responsibility strategy, striving to contribute to further development of other organizations and institutions, as well.

There are 4 basic directions of our CSR activities:

  1. Cooperation with the larger community
  2. Improvement of the environment and sustainable development
  3. Education and professional practice dedicated to inclusion
  4. Relationships with employees

Cooperation with the larger community

According to its capacities and internal organization, PI Trešnjober strives to take part in various activities of the larger community. The emphasis is particularly put on the participation in various organized activities of the local government (at the city or municipality levels), cooperation with primary and secondary schools, other preschool institutions, as well as other children’s organizations which promote and advocate appropriate development of children in different scientific and cultural fields (Smartogram, Žabac Sveznalac, Kreativni centar, etc.)

In cooperation with specialized schools and faculties at home and abroad, we give a pro bono opportunity for internships and other scientific researches, sincerely convinced that we can develop only with the power of knowledge, science and practice.

Improvement of the environment and sustainable development

Through our programs and other activities, we actively teach children about the importance of environmental protection.

Our facilities are built according to the highest standards. We have solar heating and power, anti-allergic PVC flooring, etc. We serve food that is selected and prepared according to the highest HACCP standards of growing, preservation and preparation of food.

Education and professional practice dedicated to inclusion

PI Trešnjober is deeply committed to inclusion. We consider it not only as our obligation, but rather as the right of every child to equal opportunities and conditions of development. Our commitment is reflected in regular activities and work with all children, constant education of all key stakeholders (preschool teachers, professional associates, children and parents), scientific researches, engagement in various professional bodies and groups, with the aim of improving the whole setting in our country, exchanging experiences with other institutions and organizations at home and abroad, etc.

Relationships with employees

Our employees are our strength and inspiration. Only if they are satisfied, we can all grow and develop together. Therefore, we take care of all the rights of our employees. We are dedicated to their constant education and to the improvement of working environment.


In addition to our internal projects and activities from the corporate social responsibility field, we cooperate with other organizations, with which we share the same values and which we can assist with our experience, capacity and professionalism.


NURDOR is a national association of parents of children with cancer, whose members are parents and friends of children and their families united in the mission of improving the quality of medical treatment and lives of sick children and their families. In an effort to contribute to the quality of life of these small/big fighters, PI Trešnjober has signed an agreement on cooperation by which we enabled the implementation of preparatory preschool program for every preschool child who stays in Parents’ Houses in Belgrade during the treatment. Thereby we secure the continuity in education of children with cancer so that they could easily enroll in first grade after the treatment. In addition thereto, the preschool teachers in our institution organize workshops with all the children staying in parents’ houses with the aim of enriching their experience and improving the quality of spare time they spend during the treatment. Thereby we try to make a contribution by volunteering, as well as to educate all the employees in our institution on the power of giving.

zabac sveznalac

With the support of Serbian Association of School Sport, the children’s magazine Žabac Sveznalac, organizes interactive debates “Na teren izađi sebe pronađi” (“Go out on the playground to discover yourself”), which promote the acquisition of work habits and healthy lifestyle.

This project motivates children to be active, stimulate their development, creativity, talents and friendships. In the last two years, more than 500 debates were organized in primary schools and preschool institutions in Belgrade within this project. Our institution immediately agreed to take part in this important project, in the effort to support healthy habits and active participation in sport of preschool children. After the first debate organized in our kindergarten, we are looking forward to the next debate and next project of Žabac team, in the hope of interactive cooperation with them in the future.

cep za hendikep

Čep za hendikep (Cap for Handicap) is an action initiated by Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association of Banat (OSI) from Zrenjanin, with the aim of encouraging humanity and with the idea of developing social awareness of the importance of recycling, which, in this particular case, can contribute to better and easier lives of those who are facing problems and challenges of handicap and invalidity.

The action implies collecting all types of plastic caps that are recycled as hard plastics so that the funds raised by recycling could secure the provision of wheelchairs, folding walkers, crutches and other equipment that would significantly help people deprived of free and unhindered movements. The aims of the action are:


  • Spreading the environmental awareness of recycling
  • Humanity
  • Education on problems and needs of persons with invalidity

PI Trešnjober has joined the action at the level of the whole institution in order to motivate its local community, parents and children to be socially responsible, humane and aware of the importance of environmental protection.



JKP Gradska čistoća (City Sanitary Service) successfully performs the tasks of recycling and separation of wastes with households, companies, city municipalities, primary and secondary schools, and as of 2015, with preschool institutions, as well. In 2016, our institution joined the action of recycling and separation of recyclable waste.

The aims of the action:

  • Allocation of containers for waste disposal and distribution
  • Spreading the awareness of recycling and environmental protection
  • Motivating the youngest to acquire habits of proper waste disposal

With the aim of spreading the awareness and education of children, parents and larger local community, PI Tresnjober has devised a continuous action of collecting, separating and recycling waste in its kindergartens.

PI Trešnjober has signed a protocol on cooperation with the Secondary Nursing School “Nadežda Petrović”. This cooperation is aimed at organizing exercises and practical training in our Institution for students acquiring III and IV degree of qualification – nursery nurses. In the course of practice in our Institution under the supervision of our nursery nurses, these students are to acquire experience that would enable them to be completely prepared for work after finishing their school. In addition thereto, PI Trešnjober gives the students an opportunity for employment after the schooling.