Our team

Glavom i bradom :)

Our team is constantly growing. If you are professional, worth, positive and ready to grow with us, send your CV to posao@tresnjober.com.

Ljiljana Proković

graduate special pedagogue

She is the founder and director of the Preschool Institution Tresnjober. Throughout her career, she has dedicated herself to proper development and growing up process of children, initially as a director of the organization “Prijatelji dece”.

Vanja Jovanović

English teacher

Vanja graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. She has been in Tresnjober since its first days. She believes that at the preschool level English language teaching should be accompanied by laugh spiced up with music, songs and play.

Gorana Ilić

French teacher

Gorana graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. She is a French and Italian teacher. She has been in Tresnjober since 2014. She believes that French language becomes close and lovable to children if it is accompanied by memorable melodies and diverse activities and contents.

Igor Buzganović

professional associate – speech therapist

Igor graduated from the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation in Belgrade. He is engaged in Tresnjober as a professional associate and permanent member of our team. In his Fine Speech and Correct Pronunciation School, Igor shows children the way to better communication and understanding of the world around them.

Mirjana Smiljanović

preschool teacher

Mirjana has been a member of Trešnjober team since 2006. She works with preschool and school children. Mirjana pays special attention to mutual trust and relying thereon, she takes children to the journey of functional thinking.

Milena Martinović

preschool teacher

Milena has been a member of our team since 2015. She is creative, resourceful and curious. She usually performs her work through workshops in which she uses different materials and techniques. Her aim is to help children develop spirit of research and independence in order to make them ready for creative adventure.

Tamara Savković

preschool teacher

Tamara is in Trešnjober since September 2015. Experience in music and music education help Tamara to complement the work with children and music workshops, which are an integral part of the Trešnjober program. In addition to music, Tamara enjoys creating children’s plays with children, creating text, music and scenography.

Marina Filipović

nursery nurse

Marina has been a member of Tresnjober team since the very beginning. She claims that the greatest pleasure is given by a happy and smiling child, thus she directs all her activities thereto. Marina believes that the easiest way of learning is through play and that the warmth of acceptance is the basis of every relationship.